Our Services

Scope of Representation

|> We provide U.S. trade advisory services

|> Consultancy services

|> Procurement on behalf of a foreign buyer

|> Assist in obtaining product-backed U.S. ECA financing for purchase of U.S. goods and services

|> ECA financing includes Working Capital Loans, U.S. Credit Insurance, Direct Loan and/or Guaranteed Loan

Summary of CASSONA Services

Minimum Financing and Guarantee

|> The minimum financing that CASSONA may undertake is $100,000 (One hundred Thousands) to $1billion (One billion ) of purchase order.

|> Funding through ECAs is available for periods ranging from 90 days, 180 days, 360 days all the way to 7 years (depending on whether short term, medium term or long-term).

|> In each case, CASSONA would act as financial obligor to the U.S. supplier of goods and the ECA (in certain cases), thus mitigation risk associated with ability to pay and ensuring qualification for financing.

|> In cases where CASSONA acts as the obligor for the ECA, it must be assured through its due diligence and vetting that the foreign buyer is credit-worthy, is an established and respected business in its country and must have a local bank, with a long transaction history with the buyer, approve of the financing transaction and provide a written reference.