EXIM Bank offers the medium-term Credit Guarantee Facility (CGF). These are lines of credit between a funding bank and a foreign obligor. EXIM Bank guarantees the repayment of the foreign debt obligations.

U.S. exporters are identified during the application process and enjoy the benefits of the CGF. We will work with EXIM Bank to conduct due diligence on the list of exporters and assists them in understanding the requirements of its standard export documents if they are new to export.

In general, Exim offer repayment terms of two to five years based upon the useful life of the capital goods deemed appropriate for medium-term support. Exports typically sold on shorter terms (less than two years) are not covered under CGF facilities. *Exports that require specialized review by EXIM Bank, e.g., nuclear-related exports, aircraft, environmental, military, etc., are typically not eligible to be financed under CGFs.

Usually, CGF funding banks (domestic and international) must be pre-qualified by EXIM Bank in order to use this program. We will identify and work with funding banks to submit the application and work closely with the buyers and exporters. Funding banks review and retain the export documents and receive their electronic guarantee through EXIM Bank Online system. Individual disbursements and eligible invoices funded under the CGF are capped at $10 million in accordance with EXIM Bank’s medium-term program guidelines.

If you are interested in Exim credit guarantees please contact us for further information on how we might help you get started.