Who can be Represented?

|> Private Enterprises;

|> Foreign Governments or Agencies;

|> Public Corporations;

|> NGOs; and

|> Foreign Nationals, generally, who are interested in buying goods and services from the US and are either unable to obtain commercial bank funding or consider commercial banking interest rates too exorbitant to ensure a profitable trade.

How Do You Get Started?

|> If you are a foreign buyer, the first step is to determine what you would like to buy for
resale in your country;

|> If you are a US exporter, the first step is to identify a buyer of your product overseas;

|> CASSONA’s role is to provide the U.S. exporter with an overseas market and for the foreign buyer, to provide the goods and/or service;

|> The next step after identifying the goods is to contact CASSONA and enter into a contract to commence sourcing your product and funding. We do all the work of vetting the foreign buyer for legitimacy, finding a U.S. seller of the product, negotiating terms, procuring the product, applying for funding, and arranging shipment and other export documentation;

|> Our commitment to you the foreign buyer is that we would provide you a preliminary
indication of funding for your purchase 10 business days after you engage our services.