Advisory & Risk Mitigation Services

|> CASSONA only represents end-users and applicants who are thoroughly vetted because the U.S. ECA can only fund foreign buyers who truly exist and have been in business for at least three years;

|> Vetting a foreign buyer requires physical visit to the foreign buyers’ business premises, buyer’s bank reference and financial statement prepared by a recognized accounting firm;

|> The vetting process is part of our risk management and assurance services aimed at eliminating or reducing risks associated with cross-border trade;

|> CASSONA may also engage in export solutions, such as procurement, which ensures zero export trade risk to U.S. suppliers and the foreign buyer. US manufacturers are often reluctant to enter into business transactions with foreign buyers because of the risk of non-payment. They may also refuse to ship goods (even with letters of credit guarantees) because of the risk that the goods may be rejected when it arrives in the foreign port for a technical reason.

|> Other risks that may be mitigated include, poor management in emerging markets due to inexperience, misunderstood deal terms, inefficiency, and unforeseen factors affecting the foreign buyer’s ability to complete the purchase of U.S. goods and services. CASSONA eliminates some of above risks associated with foreign transaction by stepping into the shoes of the U.S. supplier or vetting the buyer and providing assurance to the U.S. supplier and ECA;

|> By acting through CASSONA, U.S. manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are assured of payment for goods and services exported without direct engagement of the foreign principal;

|> Correspondingly, the foreign buyer avoids issues of credibility;

|> CASSONA negotiates all terms with overseas buyers (in most cases by visiting the buyer’s country or vice versa), explains the deal terms with the aid of local interpreters in the buyer’s language, collects payment and acts as U.S. Exporter of Record on behalf of the U.S. suppliers. Both parties look to CASSONA as the obligor.

|> Purchasing Credit Issuance for purposes of mitigating the risk of non payment.